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Perfect combination of hospitality and excellent customer service

The Panama Canal officially opens its locks in August of 1914, with the passage of the U.S.S. ANCON. One hundred years later, in 2014, we honor all who were involved in the construction of this magnificent engineering project when we open our doors to visitors from all over the world and name our place "Posada 1914.”

Posada 1914 is a two story colonial house located in the heart of Bella Vista, Panama City. It was built by the Lefevre Family in the 1940’s and has been kept in its original state so our guests can feel like they have gone back in time. We want you to enjoy your stay with us and feel at home in our beautiful Posada 1914.


Posada 1914 is a family business, run by an awesome staff with passion and enthusiasm. Each one works a specific area and one of us can always be found on the premises. Johanna, our mother and boss, is always on top of all details of Posada



"Very clean hostel, massive kitchen with laundry services, a rock climbing wall down the side (people apparently use it too), fast wifi and a terrace out front for a beer with a view." Simon (Australia)

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